Coloplast SenSura Mio StomaplexStomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt

The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Stoma Guard will protect your ostomy. This Ostomy Belt & Stoma Guard improves confidence to wear normal clothing & underwear with an ostomy. Great for work in the office or job site.

Many are wondering how to dress with an ostomy belt. Looking for ostomy clothing? The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, work belts, dress belts, seatbelts, etc.


Stoma Guard

HCPS Code A4396: Ostomy belt with parastomal hernia support.
Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard

Watch Bob tighten his belt directly over his stoma.

"I am so excited to share the news about the Stomaplex ostomy belt with my ostomy patients. I am recommending them to my patients who need, or want, some added security and support. It is so useful for people who work in various types of jobs like construction, in a factory, or as a counter worker, as well as for various activities such as sports, gardening, or cooking, and those with children or pets. Of course, the number one reason for using the Stomaplex Stoma Guards is the ability to safely wear a seat belt. That is the ultimate in security and support."

- Pearl R. Harmany, BSN, RN, CWOCN.

The Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard for Active Women and Men

  • Worried about getting back to work with a colostomy or ileostomy?

  • Does the waistband of your clothing cross over your stoma?

  • Are you concerned about how you are going to wear your clothes?

  • Do you need a ostomy support belt with built in stoma protection?

  • Do you worry about bumping your stoma?

  • Are you able to wear your seat belt properly?

  • Are you stressed about ostomy leaks?

Ostomy Belt for Men: Freedom-Guard GTX with Coloplast Mio.
Coloplast Sensura Mio with Stomaplex Freedom-Guard Men
Ostomy Belt for Women: Freedom-Guard GTX with Coloplast Mio.
Coloplast Sensura Mio with Stomaplex Freedom-Guard Women


Keep an Active Lifesytle with the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt

The protective, plastic ostomy shield of the stoma guard on this ostomy support belt is held away from the stoma by a protective pad. This stoma guard is secured in place by a detachable elastic ostomy belt. The plastic shield protects the stoma from inadvertent contact. The pad applies pressure on the ostomy appliance assisting in its securement, thus reducing the risk of leaks from under the ostomy wafer. The plastic stoma guard and ostomy belt also provide parastomal hernia prevention.

This ostomy support belt and stoma guard has either a rubber-coated shield (Freedom-Guard) or a calfskin coating (Pure-Comfort). The shield has a pad permanently attached. Each stoma guard comes with an elastic ostomy belt, which fastens with hook and loop and allows for manual adjustment of the belt tension.

This ostomy belt stoma & guard is intended for women, men and children to protect the stoma from external contact caused by things like clothing and seatbelts. It also allows patients to live a more active lifestyle without needing to be concerned about damaging the stoma through impacts that occur during daily activities and sports.

It prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water. Since it applies direct pressure to the appliance, it extends the wear-time of the ostomy wafer and can be used as a parastomal hernia belt.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belts and Stoma Guards: 4 Style to choose from

Pure-Comfort ATX.

This stoma guard is covered with a durable calfskin with a calfskin pad inside. The Pure-Comfort ATX offers a great combination of durability and comfort. Great for the office to the pool, it does it all.

The newest and very best stoma guard that Stomaplex offers.

Freedom-Guard ATX.

This stoma guard is covered with a durable FDA rubber with an FDA rubber pad inside. The Freedom-Guard ATX is extremely durable and completely non-absorbent. Perfect for everyday.

The easiest to clean of all the stoma guards that Stomaplex offers.

Pure-Comfort GTX.

This stoma guard is covered with a durable calfskin with a neoprene/lambskin pad inside. The Pure-Comfort GTX is very soft and supple. Great for a luxurios feel, not recommeded for athletics or swimming.

The low profile and lightweigt makes this a popular stoma guard.

Freedom-Guard GTX.

This stoma guard is covered with an FDA rubber and a neoprene/nylon pad inside. The Freedom-Guard GTX is soft with a quick to dry pad. Softer and more comfortalbe that the ATX but less durable.

A classic blend of durability and softness makes this a favorite guard.

Ostomy Belt: Pure-Comfort ATX Freedom Guard ATX Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Pure Comfort GTX Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Freedom Guard GTX Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard


Ostomy Belt Review:

Ostomy Belt Review: CWOCN


Stomaplex Testimonials

I've tried out the guard, and it is FABULOUS!!  I was a little concerned over spending so much money on something that I hadn't tried on, but after wearing it at work and for Martial Arts, I am very very happy with the product.

It fits so comfortably, that I am able to wear the belt and guard all day at work.  I also travel a lot for work, and I am now confident in lifting my rucksack filled with heavy files and laptop, running around London Underground jumping on and off the trains without fear of hernia and muscle strain.  It also stops me damaging my Stoma by hitting it on things like the train barriers (all of which are at my waist level!) and on my desk when I wheel my chair in too fast.

Thanks Bob.  I was starting to fear that I wouldn't be able to have my old life back with my Stoma, but your belt has changed all that.  You're product is truly amazing.–LH (England)

Stomaplex Ostomy Care: Prevent Leaks Around The Ostomy

Ostomy Care: Stop Leaks Around the Ostomy.

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Stoma Guard: Ostomy Protection.