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Stomaplex Ostomy Belt. This stoma protection will be your ostomy clothing solution.
Stomaplex Ostomy Care.  
  The Equalizer by Stomaplex will help seat the ostomy bag to your skin to prevent ostomy leaks. The Equalizer cares for the skin
  around the stoma to promote health.

The Equalizer by Stomaplex is a simple and effective tool to help seat the ostomy wafer or skin barrier to the skin around the stoma to prevent leaks from forming around the ostomy. One of the best ostomy care devices on the ostomy market. Afterwards, wear the Stomaplex ostomy belt and stoma guard to apply pressure all day around the ostomy to prevent leaks from forming.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard: 
     The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt is designed for women with an ostomy or men with an ostomy. The Stomaplex belt has a stoma guard attach to help 
     prevent parastomal hernias. This ostomy belt works with either a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy.  Wear this ostomt belt to improve
     your ability to wear ostomy clothing.

The Stomaplex Ostomy Belts are designed for men and women. Choose from three types of stoma guards and two types of ostomy belts to protect your ostomy. Choose from hundreds of sizes or call to have a custom made ostomy guard and belt made to fit your needs. These ostomy belts protect the stoma while allowing your stoma's output to flow freely into the ostomy bag.

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Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Video Links.  Watch Bob tighten his belt directly over his stoma. Ostomy Care Videos.

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Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Size Chart: Determine the best size for your stoma guard and ostomy belt.  There are over 200 sizes for these Stoma Guards.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt: Measuring Instructions

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Comparison: Find the best ostomy belt for your needs.  The stoma guards are available in three different materials.  Also, there are nine colors to choose from to personalize your Stoma Guard

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt: Comparison Charts

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard for Veterans VAMC: Veterans of the US military may be eligible to receive an ostomy belt and stoma guard through their VAMC.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt: Veterans may be eligible.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard Contact page.

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Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard frequently asked questions.  Does insurance cover the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt?

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Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard customer reviews: Read what Stomaplex customers have to say about their ostomy belt from Stomaplex.

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Ostomy Product Review: WOCN

"I am so excited to share the news about the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt with my ostomy patients. I am recommending them to my patients who need, or want, some added security and support. It is so useful for people who work in various types of jobs like construction, in a factory, or as a counter worker, as well as for various activities such as sports, gardening, or cooking, and those with children or pets. Of course, the number one reason for using the Stomaplex Stoma Guards is the ability to safely wear a seat belt. That is the ultimate in security and support."

- Pearl R. Harmany, BSN, RN, CWOCN.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt

With Stoma Protection from the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Stoma Guard, there will be no pressure on your ostomy. This stoma protection improves your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing with belts. Great for work in the office or job site.

The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, work belts, dress belts, seatbelts, etc.

The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water. Since it applies direct pressure to the appliance, it extends the wear-time of the ostomy wafer and can be used as a parastomal hernia belt.

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt.  The Pure-Comfort ATX is the most comfortable stoma guard by Stomaplex.  The soft calfskin leather pad on this stoma guard makes it the lightest and thinnest stoma guard.