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Stoma leakage under the ostomy wafer can breakdown the skin near the stoma causing great pain and sores. These sores on the skin near the stoma will make it more difficult to get a good bond. The best way to avoid getting sores on the skin near the ostomy stoma is to use the Equalizer from Stomaplex. The Equalizer will apply pressure in a circular shape at the same time ensuring a proper bond between the skin and the ostomy appliance.

Ostomy Care: The Equalizer

Maggie talks about how to care for your skin around the ostomy with the Equalizer by Stomaplex.

Stomaplex Ostomy Care: Choose the size of the Equalizer that fits you the best. The Equalizer will help prevent leaks from forming under the ostomy wafer since it applies pressure on the ostomy appliance to help seat it to your skin.

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