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Custom Ostomy Belt

Customize the size of your ostomy belt and stoma guard

Get the best fitting ostomy belt and stoma guard available.

Ostomy Stoma Leakage Prevention

Ostomy Care

Use the Equalizer to create a better seal on your ostomy wafer around your stoma.

Apply for 10-20 seconds when you apply a new ostomy skin barrier for improved adhesion and better skin.

Ostomy Guard Women

How Women Wear Jeans and Tighten a Belt over an Ostomy?

Are you struggling to figure out how to wear a pair of blue jeans with an ostomy? What many people do with their ostomy bag is to wear the bag or ostomy pouch on the outside of their pants. This is totally unacceptable if you want to look normal. The best option to cover the stoma with a stoma guard that allows for the stoma's output to flow unrestricted. The waistband of your clothing is a major source of restriction. When this happens, the stoma's output gets pushed out the sides of the ostomy skin barrier causing an embarrassing moment. Watch the video to see Christy tighten her belt on her pants directly over his stoma.

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Ostomy Belt

Stomaplex Ostomy Belts and Stoma Guards

The active lifestyle in you will appreciate the Stomaplex ostomy belt and 
stomaplex stoma guard that is designed for the ostomate with an active life.

Stomaplex Ostomy Care: Choose the size of the Equalizer that fits you the best. The Equalizer will help prevent leaks from forming under the ostomy wafer since it applies pressure on the ostomy appliance to help seat it to your skin.

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