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  • Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stomaplex Stoma Guard.
  • As a C-7 quadriplegic, I am at high risk for getting pressure sores, especially on my bottom. Due to this risk, I generally tend to sleep on somewhere in between my sides/stomach. However when I would do this on my right side (the side where my ostomy is), I noticed that I got frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Many of these UTIs required prescription antibiotics to treat me. Also some were so severe that I needed to be hospitalized. Over time I realized that my UTIs were being caused by the fact that when I slept on my right side the weight of my body was constricting my stoma, and thus preventing the flow of urine from my bladder. This enabled bacteria to increase inside my bladder, often resulting a UTI. Your Stomaplex stoma guard/belt products shield my stoma from being pressed upon and allow free flow of urine from my body. I credit your products (along with drinking more water) with saving my career (I work full-time). Prior to using your products, I was seriously considering retiring from work, or taking a leave of absence due to the frequency and severity of my UTIs which required me to take many sick days, make frequent visits to my doctor, and even be hospitalized multiple times (including several stays in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit). After I began to use your product, I began to immediately get far fewer and less severe UTIs. I cannot thank you enough!! Ed (Virginia)

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Stomaplex Stomaplex Guard Product Videos

In the following videos, Bob Zurowski (the owner of Stomaplex), will demonstrate and talk about the benefits of each of the different types of ostomy belts offered. Watch and learn to determine which stoma guard is best for your individual needs. There are three types of guards to choose from.

Pure-Comfor ATX:

The Pure Comfort ATX is the thinnest and lightest stoma guard available. The plastic stoma shield is covered with a durable, premium grade calfskin with an inner padding of calfskin. This stoma guard is the most comfortable and most discrete product to protect your ostomy.

Freedom-Guard ATX:

The Freedom-Guard ATX is deigned to be the toughest and stongest stoma guard. The FDA approved rubber coating and padding makes this protector completely non-absorbant therefore super easy to clean. This stoma guard is great for swimming and athletics.

Freedom-Guard GTX:

The Freedom-Guard GTX is the original contoured stoma protector from Stomaplex. With the same rubber coating on the outer surface but with a soft neoprene padding with a nylon surface on the inside. This is a perfect choice for everyday activities.

•   A friendly reminder, please remember to always wear your seatbelt in the car.

The Pure-Comfort ATX: Ostomy Belt.

Watch Bob tighten his pants directly over his stoma. When you need to wear a suit or any special clothing with an ostomy, the main concern is will the stoma's flow be restricted by your clothing. With the Stomaplex ostomy belt the flow will continue under the stoma guard. This will allow you to tighten your belt on your trousers as tight as you want right over the stoma. it is important to dress properly for work in the office if you have an ostomy.

Watch Bob Tighten His Pants Directly Over His Stoma

  • Pure-Comfort ATX: Stoma Guard

    The Pure-Comfort ATX is the finest stoma guard offered by Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in calfskin with a calfskin inside pad. This combination creates the thinnest and lightest stoma guard available. Stomaplex recommends this ostomy belt and stoma guard for anyone who is interested in the best there is to offer in stoma protection.


The Freedom-Guard ATX: Ostomy Belt.

Many of us with an ostomy are very concerned about developing a parastomal hernia especially during high activity like sports. This is not only uncomfortable but also unsightly. In addition, these parastomal hernias are not always repairable. If you are concerned, then I recommend the optional hernia ostomy belt from Stomaplex (shown in the video below). This wider belt is designed to support your abdomen with greater support than the standard Stomaplex ostomy belt. Many ostomates also choose this wider belt to hold the Stomaplex stoma guard in place when active with contact sports like hockey, roller derby, football, and soccer.

Watch Bob Snap The Waistband of His Shorts Over His Stoma

  • Freedom-Guard ATX Stoma Guard:

    The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable stoma guard offered by Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with same FDA approved rubber for an inside pad. This combination creates the most durable and longest lasting stoma guard available. Stomaplex recommends this ostomy belt and stoma guard for anyone who is interested in a stoma guard that is easiest to clean as it is non-absorbent.


The Freedom-Guard GTX: Ostomy Belt.

Many guys are wondering how are they going to wear their jeans and pants after ostomy surgery. It seems like the belt on a pair of pants always interferes with the stoma. There is never a good location to place the ostomy. Wherever the stoma is, the waistband on your jeans, dress pants seems to cross over the stoma or restricts the flow of output from the stoma to the bottom of the ostomy pouch. What is needed is a stoma guard that covers over the ostomy, protecting it from contact, while still allowing the stoma to flow. The Stomaplex stoma guards and ostomy belts allow this to happen. With the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt, you'll be able to tuck your shirt into your pants. With the Stomaplex ostomy belt and Guard you don't need to worry about ostomy leaks that are caused by your clothing restricting the flow.

Watch Bob Buckle The Belt Of His Pants Over His Stoma

  • Freedom-Guard GTX: Stoma Guard

    The Freedom-Guard GTX has the softest padding of all stoma guards offered by Stomaplex. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with a neoprene pad with nylon fabric for an inside pad. This combination creates a soft comfortable stoma guard available. Stomaplex recommends this ostomy belt and stoma guard for anyone who is interested in the economical stoma guard. This stoma guard comes clean and dries in minutes.


Whether you're looking for a colostomy belt, ileostomy belt, or a urostomy belt Stomaplex has what you need to protect your ostomy.


Get the right stoma guard for your active lifestyle. There are three stoma guard styles to choose from

Stay active and be confident:

With this contoured ostomy protection, there will be no pressure on your ostomy. This stoma guard improves your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing with tight belts. Great for work in the office, job site, gym or swimming pool.

The belt elt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, work belts, dress belts, seatbelts, swimsuites etc.

Stomaplex helps prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water while swimming. Since it applies direct pressure to the appliance, it extends the wear-time of the ostomy wafer and can be used as a parastomal hernia belt.

The active lifestyle in you will appreciate the Stomaplex ostomy belt and stomaplex stoma guard that is designed for the ostomate with an active life.

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