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Here Sarah has an ileostomy and with her Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard she is able to rock climb, swim in a swimming pool without a special ostomy swimsuit. With stoma protection from Stomaplex you’ll be able to be active in the gym and ride a bike or play tennis without worry of damaging the stoma from contact. Live the active life with confidence as if you don’t have an ostomy. Girls with an ostomy are able to be athletic just as they were before ostomy surgery.

Stomaplex Video Testimonial

Sarah doesn't let anything slow her down now that she has her stoma protected. Watch her climb rock, swim with an ostomy, and ride her bike while protecting her stoma with the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt.

Stomaplex Ostomy Care: Choose the size of the Equalizer that fits you the best. The Equalizer will help prevent leaks from forming under the ostomy wafer since it applies pressure on the ostomy appliance to help seat it to your skin.

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