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Stomaplex has the perfect ostomy belt and stoma guard for all ostomy sports. Christy skates in roller derby bouts and the Stomaplex Stoma Guard keeps her stoma safe from contact. The Stomaplex Stoma Guard will keep you safe from injury playing all type of contact sports or activities like golf and tennis. It is very important to keep your mind in the game and not on your ostomy when you active with athletics in any type of sport.

Stomaplex Video Testimonial

Stomaplex Ostomy Belt: Ostomy sports - play all types of sports with the ostomy belt from Stomaplex. The Stomaplex Stoma Guard will protect your ostomy. Christy talks about how she was able to participate in althletics with an ostomy thanks to the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt.

Stomaplex Ostomy Care: Choose the size of the Equalizer that fits you the best. The Equalizer will help prevent leaks from forming under the ostomy wafer since it applies pressure on the ostomy appliance to help seat it to your skin.

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