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Pure Comfort ATX - Ostomy Belt - Women

How to Dress with an Ostomy Women

Many are wondering how are they going to dress after ostomy surgery. There is never a good location to place the ostomy. Wherever the stoma is, the waistband on your jeans, dress pants, or skirt seems to cross over the stoma or restricts the flow of output from the stoma to the bottom of the ostomy pouch. What is needed is a device that cups over the stoma, protecting the stoma from contact, while still allowing the stoma to function. The Stomaplex stoma guards and ostomy belts allow this to happen. With the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt, you'll be able to tuck your shirt into your pants, get dressed in a suit for a special event like your childs wedding or an important meeting at work. With the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and Guard you don't need to worry about ostomy leaks that are caused by your clothing restricting the flow. Watch Christy tighten his pants directly over his stoma.

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Women with an ostomy have similar problems with ostomy clothing as men do. In addition to find the right set of ostomy pants or jeans, women also need to consider the waistband on their skirts and dresses. Again the ostomy stoma’s output can be restricted which in turn will result in an ostomy leak. Stomaplex makes several stoma guards that are low profile with a small footprint that will make wearing a stoma guard less noticeable. The Pure-Comfort is the finest ostomy protection available and it is also the thinnest and the lightest in weight of all stoma guard. Wear it with the Stomaplex ostomy belt for the most comfortable ostomy protection.