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    Christy is doing an ostomy clothing review of the Stomaplex belt and finds the belt perfect for protecting herself and feels invisible inside her jeans. With her top pulled down, you'll never know that she is wearing a Stomaplex belt and guard. Stomaplex make ostomy belts for women and men of all sizes. The belt guard is sized to your stoma. Use the belt guard to protect your ileostomy or colostomy.




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Bob, I have had Crohns Disease for many years. In December 2010 I had to have an ileostomy due to complications from my disease. My stoma happened to be right where seat belts are when buckled. I found the stoma guards from STOMAPLEX while doing a web search. I called and talked to Bob and decided to order the Freedom-Guard. I had all kinds of problems with my appliances from leaks to falling off to bumping my stoma. After I ordered my guard my life changed dramatically over night. It is so easy to apply the guard and it protects my stoma so well that I can do things that I thought I would not ever do again. It holds the wafer on 3 sides and I do not have to worry while I do the things that I enjoy doing. One of those things is that I can ride my snowmobile again without worrying about any leak from my bag or any pain when going down a bumpy trail. I also work on cars as a hobby. I can now bump my stoma and I totally forget I have an ostomy. This belt has totally changed my life. Thanks Bob. Bernie (Michigan)


I really like the guard. It is extremely comfortable and i have not have my usual problems with leakage. Darlene (Connecticut)


Bob… It is the wonderful belt you have sent me. Thank you so much for all you have done for me with your product, it is wonderful, the new petite size and lower profile makes me feel less self conscience about my appliance, and more secure that I am not going to harm my little stoma with a seat belt or in a crowd by some one getting overly anxious and running over me. Best of all I should be able to enjoy myself more at Disney this summer with my husband and teenage daughters riding the rides and not worrying about what may happen when I get thrown into the bars on the rides. I will certainly be passing the word on about your colostomy belt. God Bless you! Natasha (Kansas)


Hello, The ostomy belt was actually purchased for my husband. I am the research and go to person for his supplies as this is all very new to us. Until we purchased your product, wearing pants was uncomfortable for him. His stoma is right on his waistband and we couldn't find pants that didn't bother him. He hasn't worn it too often as he is still recovering, but when he does he is delighted. Thank you, Therese (Illinois)


Hi Robert (Bob), I just wanted to thank you for the Active Life ileostomy belt from Stomaplex--I am going out of the house more now and this helps me feel more protected and less vulnerable! I will be going back and forth to/from the Hospital a Lot the next 6 months+ (chemo colon cancer) and this is already making a positive difference in my life (helping me to feel like I am living instead of just "existing") Thanks so much for creating/developing this great product and wishing you and yours all the best:) Michael (New York)


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I received my guard and today. Very comfortable, can finally wear pants and a belt again. Thank You for making such a great product. Look forward to buying more products as I need them in the future. Brian (Canada)