Ostomy Product Videos

Pure-Comfort ATX Videos

  • Men who work in the office with ileostomy need to protect the stoma. The stoma guard allows for free flow into the ostomy bag.

    Pure-Comfort ATX: Men's Clothing

  • Women with ileostomy works in the office and needed help with clothing. The stoma guard by Stomaplex allows her to wear her clothing for work.

    Pure-Comfort ATX: Women's Clothing

Freedom-Guard GTX Videos

  • Watch this man with ileostomy tuck his hirts into his pants . The stoma guard covers and protects the stoma.

    Freedom-Guard GTX: Men in Jeans & Pants

  • for ostomy protection this women wear a stoma guard inside her in blue jeans wears, she wears hollister ostomy bag

    Freedom-Guard GTX: Women in Jeans & Pants

Freedom-Guard ATX Videos

  • men with ostomy needs to guard the stoma when active with sports. the Stomaplex ostomy belt with stoma guard provide parastoma hernia protection

    Freedom-Guard ATX: Men in Ostomy Sports

  • women in ostomy sports with ileostomy reviews ostomy belt for women with parastomal support

    Freedom-Guard ATX: Women in Ostomy Sports