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  • Many guys are wondering how are they going to wear their jeans and pants after ostomy surgery. It seems like the belt on a pair of pants always interferes with the stoma. There is never a good location to place the ostomy. Wherever the stoma is, the waistband on your jeans, dress pants seems to cross over the stoma or restricts the flow of output from the stoma to the bottom of the ostomy pouch. This is what the Stomaplex ostomy clothing helps with. What is needed is a stoma guard and stoma belt that covers over the ostomy, protecting it from contact, while still allowing the stoma to flow. The Stomaplex ostomy sports belt and guard or ostomy belt guard with the stoma belt allows this to happen. With the Stomaplex ostomy belt, you'll be able to tuck your shirt into your pants. Ostomy sports belt for men protect the stoma during highly active sports. With the Stomaplex ostomy belt guard and ostomy guard you don't need to worry about ostomy leaks that are caused by your clothing restricting the flow. His ostomy bag is from Coloplast. Stomaplex stoma guards work with all manufactures of ostomy bags and skin barriers such as Hollister and Convatec. Some men wear the Stomaplex guard with the Stealthbelt.


Watch Bob Buckle The Belt Of His Pants Over His Stoma


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