Men: Freedom-Guard GTX with Standard Osomy Belt

  • Freedom-Guard GTX: Stoma guard for men who need help wearing blue jeans or pants in general. The waistband of clothing interferes with the stoma output so by wearing a Stomaplex stoma guard he protects his stoma from his ileostomy.

    Stoma protection for men who need help with pants who have an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy.

Freedom Guard GTX Stoma Guard
Ostomy sports men


Bob needed a stoma guard to allow him to wear his jeans with either his shirt tucked in or untucked, but either way he wants to wear his ostomy bag inside his pants so that nobody will know that he has an ostomy. To be able to do this he needs to be able to cover the ostomy with a hard shield that will allow the flow of the ostomy to be unrestricted as it flows to the bottom of the ostomy bag. This Stomaplex stoma guard allow him to wear his jeans and normal pants with a belt buckled tightly. Now he is ready to go out and meet up with friends and feel confident that he will not get leaks that are often caused by clothing restricting the flow.

  • This stoma guard will help you wear blue jeans and pants for work in construction or factory work.

    Men like the rubber surface.

  • man holds stoma guard to show off the inside free flow feature. the ileostomy flow follows the channel in the stoma guard.

    Inside padding is a soft foam.

  • man shows ostomy bag with stoma guard in one hand. the ostomy belt and guard will protect his ileostomy for his blue jeans, ostomy sports men

    Position the stomaplex over ostomy bag

  • Man positions Stomaplex stoma guard over the Coloplast ostomy bag. The stoma guard is sized for his ileostomy, ostomy sports men

    Guard matches up with ostomy bag.

  • Man lowers his pants to show ostomy bag and stomaplex stoma guard. The two strap ostomy belt design is perfect for him, ostomy sports men

    Ostomy belt has sized properly

  • Man in jeans tightens his belt over his ileostomy, ostomy sports men

    Tuck in your shirt into your jeans.