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Ostomy Belt Women: Ostomy Sports Guard

Ostomy Parastoma Hernia Support Belt Women

Ostomy support belts are needed when a an ostomy patient is worried about developing a parastoma hernia. Support belts are useful when active with sports. The support or pressure from the belt helps keep the ostomy appliance tight to the skin which will prevent ostomy leaks. An ostomy support belt with a stoma guard is best. The stoma guard will also protect the stoma from clothing and impact.

Freedom-Guard ATX: Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard

Christy, an ostomy model, will show you how easy it is to put on the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt and protect your stoma. This stoma guard and ostomy belt is ideal for the working office or dressing up for church or your child's wedding.

She is wearing the Freedom-Guard ATX Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt from Stomaplex with the Coloplast Sensura Mio Ostomy Bag.

Parastomal Hernia Support Women

Many of us with an ostomy are very concerned about developing a parastomal hernia. This is not only uncomfortable but also unsightly. In addition, these parastomal hernias are not always repairable. If you are concerned, then I recommend the Extra Duty ostomy belt from Stomaplex (shown in the video above). This wider belt is designed to support your abdomen with greater tension than the standard Stomaplex ostomy belt. Many ostomates also choose this wider belt to hold the Stomaplex stoma guard in place when active with contact sports like hockey, roller derby, football, and soccer.

Stomaplex Ostomy Care: Choose the size of the Equalizer that fits you the best. The Equalizer will help prevent leaks from forming under the ostomy wafer since it applies pressure on the ostomy appliance to help seat it to your skin.

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