Parastomal Hernia Belt Review - Ostomy Support Belt

Parastomal Hernia Belt


    Jenna has a small parastomal hernia and was looking for a belt that would help compress it. Her parastomal hernia belt review review of the Stomaplex belt is positive. She feels more comfortable playing with her children. When it comes to story time, her kids jump on her lap and she feels protected with the Stomaplex guard.


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As a C-7 quadriplegic, I am at high risk for getting pressure sores, especially on my bottom. Due to this risk, I generally tend to sleep on somewhere in between my sides/stomach. However when I would do this on my right side (the side where my ostomy is), I noticed that I got frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Many of these UTIs required prescription antibiotics to treat me. Also some were so severe that I needed to be hospitalized. Over time I realized that my UTIs were being caused by the fact that when I slept on my right side the weight of my body was constricting my stoma, and thus preventing the flow of urine from my bladder. This enabled bacteria to increase inside my bladder, often resulting a UTI. Your Stomaplex guard/belt products shield my stoma from being pressed upon and allow free flow of urine from my body. I credit your products (along with drinking more water) with saving my career (I work full-time). Prior to using your products, I was seriously considering retiring from work, or taking a leave of absence due to the frequency and severity of my UTIs which required me to take many sick days, make frequent visits to my doctor, and even be hospitalized multiple times (including several stays in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit). After I began to use your product, I began to immediately get far fewer and less severe UTIs. I cannot thank you enough!! Ed (Virginia)