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Size Chart

Stomaplex Stoma Guards and Stomaplex Ostomy Belts Are available in many sizes.

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How to size your Stomaplex Stoma Guard.

Guard Size

A function of your body size.

If you are shorter than 5'6", choose "SMALL" for the Stoma Guard Size.

If you are taller than 6'2" choose "TALL" for the Stoma Guard Size.

So, if you are between 5'6" and 6'2" choose the "LARGE" for the Stoma Guard Size.

However if you are thin or you simply want a smaller guard, choose the "NARROW" for the Stoma Guard Size.


Stoma Clearance

A function of the height of the stoma.

Measure the height of the stoma beyond the skin barrier.

If the height of the stoma measures 0.5" or less, choose a Stoma Clearance of 0.75".

If the height of the stoma measures 0.75", choose the 1.00" for Stoma Clearance.


Appliance Size

A function of the diameter of the stoma or the size of the two-piece flange.

If you wear a 2-piece pouching system.

The Appliance Size for the Stomaplex Stoma Guards is the same as your flange size. For example: 38mm (1-3/8"), 45mm (1-3/4"), 57mm (2-1/4"), 70mm (2-3/4").

If you wear a 1-piece pouching system.

The Appliance Size is based on the diameter of the stoma.

If the stoma measures 1.25" or less choose 57mm (2-1/4").

If the stoma measures greater than 1.25" choose 70mm (2-3/4").

Ostomy Belt Size

A function of the circumference of your body over the stoma.

Please Measure - do not use the size of your clothing.

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