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Veterans Stoma Guard

Ostomy Belts and Stoma Guards for Veterans

Veterans get your stoma guard through the VAMC. Ostomy belt for veteran

Stomaplex Offer the Finest Ostomy Protection for Veterans of the USA

Shop Stomaplex Stoma Guards and Ostomy Belts


Veterans with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy and who want the best stoma guard on the market for ostomy sports should choose the Freedom-Guard.

The Freedom-Guard is the most durable stoma guard. Inside there is a padding made with an FDA Approved rubber. This stoma guard is the easiest to clean stoma guard offered by Stomaplex.

Veterans with an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy and who want the best stoma guard on the market should choose the Pure-Comfort.

VA Group 2: Three Pack of the Stomaplex Pure-Comfort Stoma Guard



If you are under care of the United States VA medical system... the VA can cover the FULL COST of your Stomaplex Stoma Guard.

STOMAPLEX LLC is registered with
DUNS # 55084554,
Fax # 570-651-9361


Recommendations for Veterans with medical care from VA:

The process starts with the US Veteran contacting their VA ostomy/wound care nurse through their VA Medical Center.

Tell the VA ostomy/wound care nurse that you need the Stomaplex Stoma Guard. We are registered in SAMS under "Stomaplex LLC"
Mention to your ostomy nurse which size Stomaplex Stoma Guard that you need.

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Veterans get custom made ostomy protection that is designed and fitted to their ostomy. Get your Stomaplex stoma guard and Stomaplex ostomy belt and protect your ostomy as you go back to living an active life with confidence.